Sound Quality Ratings

My sound quality ratings explained:

I have rated each recording with a sound quality. I use four main sound quality ratings: ABC and D.
In addition to these, I also use + and - to point out those recordings which are slightly better or worse than their main rating. Each sound quality rating is explained below:

A : I can guarantee that each recording I have rated with A are enjoyable for everyone. It is either a soundboard recording or a top class audience recording.

B : These recordings are enjoyable by the majority of people and only a few small things keep them from the A category. (e.g. distortion, unstable, crackles etc.).

C : Recordings rated with C, while generally not enjoyable to the average fan, are still worth having if you are a die hard fan or if the concert is of particular interest to you.

D : Any recording rated with D are best avoided to avoid disappointment. These are extremely crappy sound quality recordings that should only be of any interest to those collectors wanting them all.