Links is hands down the best Queen website about everything that has to do with the live story of Queen. A great in-depth look and analysis of all Queen live recordings in existence, both audio and video. Bob Wegner, a friend of mine for many years, is one of the reasons I wanted to collect even more than just a few bootlegs back then ;-) is my second favourite Queen website. A great overview about many Queen related memorabilia. Think about ticket stubs, backstage passes, tour posters, flyers, info about the tour crew etc. is the best Queen website about all Queen bootlegs released through the years in various formats by many bootleg labels (pressed silvers, CDR's, LP's etc.). is the best online Queen community out there for fans to share nice stories and discussions with each other. It also includes a download section for both audio and video recordings, which are very kindly uploaded by various Queen collectors and fans. But there is a lot more stuff going on there, so check it out! :-) is a nice all-round website about Queen. A great overview with a lot of information about all the albums Queen released and detailed info about each track and versions. is the website about the Dutch Queen fanclub. is the website about the German Queen fanclub. is the website about the official Queen fanclub in the UK. is the official Queen website. All the lastest news around the band can be found here. Do you want to buy some nice official warm Queen Socks for your cold feet?? This is the place that offers them :-) And of course all the official releases. is a nice website that offers some great selfmade remixes and it's really fun!