13.05.1978    London, England

The Last Empire

Sound Quality
Running Time
: 13.05.1978
: Empire Pool
: London
: England
: B-
: 120 minutes


01. Somebody To Love */**   07:36
02. White Queen **   06:35
03. Death On Two Legs **   03:13
04. Killer Queen **   01:55
05. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy **   02:27
06. I'm In Love With My Car **   02:09
07. Get Down Make Love **   03:57
08. The Millionaire Waltz **   04:12
09. You're My Best Friend **   02:23
10. Spread Your Wings **   05:36
11. It's Late **  07:11
12. Now I'm Here **   05:19
13. Love Of My Life **   03:46
14. '39 **   03:37
15. My Melancholy Blues **   04:23
16. White Man **   05:11
17. The Prophet's Song **   02:56
18. Guitar Solo ***/*/****   09:39
19. The Prophet's Song (Reprise) ****   04:19
20. Liar **   04:12
21. Bohemian Rhapsody **   05:55
22. Keep Yourself Alive **   04:09
23. Tie Your Mother Down **/****   04:57
24. Sheer Heart Attack **   01:32
25. Jailhouse Rock **   04:46
26. We Will Rock You **   02:32
27. We Are The Champions **   03:24
28. God Save The Queen **   01:14              



This is the last concert of the News Of The World Tour from the Empire Pool in London 1978. After this concert Queen had a little break and recorded material for the Jazz album. This is a compilation of four versions from the same audience source. This compilation contains the second half of the concert for the very first time. The old common version, which I had for many years was cut during the Guitar Solo (although it still misses a bit). The first few songs are still missing, so the recording starts with Brian introducing Somebody To Love. Liar misses the second half and Sheer Heart Attack has a slight cut. Nice surprise of White Queen. This was the only concert during the News Of The World Tour that White Queen was played according to my knowledge. The sound quality is average, but still enjoyable. Thanks to Bob for making pitch/speed corrections and cross-fades between the different versions. Each track is marked to point out from which version it comes from. No copy errors. Not from mp3.

Bob's comment:

''The content is exactly as I received it. The guitar solo is assembled from three different copies, all of which are cut in different places (and it's entirely missing on one of the copies). Brian plays bits of Three Blind Mice and Frere Jacques as he sometimes did in this period, and the sound quality of each segment fluctuates because of the source changes (make of this what you will). The last couple minutes of his solo and the lead-in to The Prophet's Song (reprise) as heard here are the best indication of how nice the uncut master must sound.
Liar has been snipped part way through (just after Freddie holds out the mic to let some audience members sing/shout the parts), with an artificial reverb/delay added to the spot where it cuts out, making it impossible to know what kind of cut it is.  And all of the remaining edits on all of these sources have fade-outs while the tape hiss remains, which indicates that every one of the edits was consciously done after the fact, and with analog gear. Yet another indication of zero transparency from whoever initially let these tapes out.
A brief moment of audience cheering at the beginning of Bohemian Rhapsody has been made considerably louder (probably as a watermark, which was a common tactic with some tape traders back in the day who wanted to keep track of who was circulating their copies, as they ultimately didn't trust their recipients even though they were "friends"). Two of the four copies of the show contain this segment, and the inferior of the two doesn't have this volume fluctuation, proving that the adjustment was indeed intentional.
All I did was speed correct the tape wherever necessary, and did seamless cross-fades between the different copies''.

Lineage / source info:

Audience > Master tape > Cassette (x) > WAV (GoldWave speed correction and edits) > FLAC > WAV

* The oldest known transfer of the familiar bulk of the show, in mono sound.

** Transferred decently, but reduced to mono (the last 9 songs have less bottom end, and are slightly distorted at times).

*** Common transfer of the bulk of the show (stereo, but with more tape hiss, and a bit overblown with occasional bass distortion in one channel).

**** Stereo, but quite an overblown transfer, and it becomes more and more overblown as the show progresses (also, one channel is muffled).

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